Specials Schedule

Monday: 11:20-12:00: Science
                 12:45-1:30: P.E.
Tuesday: 11:20-12:00: Computers
                 12:45-1:30: Music

Wednesday: 8:15-8:30: Mr. Deiss
                      11:20-12:00: Science
                      12:45-1:30: P.E.

Thursday: 10:00-10:30: Library
                   11:20-12:00: Computers
                   12:45-1:30: Music

Friday: 10:30-10:45: 2nd Grade Reading Buddies
              11:20-12:00: World Studies
              12:15-1:00: 5th Grade STEAM Buddies

Volunteer Schedule

Room Parent: TBD
Art Parent: TBD

Monday: TBD

Tuesday: Jessica Bertagnolli (10:50-12:45)

Wednesday: TBD

Thursday: Kysa Cooper (10:00-12:45)

Friday: TBD

**If you would like to volunteer, please contact me so we can find a time that works best!