Our Class

Classroom Expectations

For some students, kindergarten is the first time they are introduced into a longer period setting outside of the home. There are many students and distractions, along with another adult’s expectations. Understanding this, I will spend a lot of time teaching, modeling and practicing proper classroom and hallway behavior. I will follow Harbor Method behavior guidelines (see handbook) and expect students to follow these 5 classroom rules.

Respect everyone and everything around you

Speak kindly

Be helpful and responsible

Take care of classroom and school property

Try your hardest every day and never say “I can’t”

I will not be sending home regular weekly homework packets this year. Your child will receive sight word lists that should be practiced nightly and a daily Book-in-a-Bag. If I feel your child needs/wants extra at home work, I will contact you through email and send it home in a folder.

How these bags work:
  1. I send one (1) plastic bag home with your child. This bag includes one (1) book, a small paper that asks you how difficult the book is (please fill this out every time and sign it) and a list of books your child has read (please also sign this sheet.)
  2. Your child reads the book with you. You may read it first, then together and finish with your child reading it to you. The focus of these books is that your child gets a much practice as possible with the specific high frequency word. Find a way that works for you and keeps the frustration level down. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOUR CHILD CAN READ IT THEMSELVES BEFORE SENDING IT BACK!
  3. After reading the book multiple times and discussing what it was about, put it back in the bag. Fill out the paperwork and return the bag (with everything included) back to school.
  4. We will then mark off this book and send another one home with your child. The goal is to begin to read more challenging books as the year goes on. This is why it is important to fill out the paperwork.
The "Book in a Bag" may be brought back as soon as your child can read it fluently. This will be an ongoing homework and good reading practice for the rest of the year!

I will be doing the majority of my communication via email and this class website. A newsletter will NOT be sent out, however, if you would like to receive a paper copy of any information I post online, please let me know. I also love email because it can go directly to my phone, I check it often and it is by far the easiest way to get ahold of me. It also gives me a chance to sit down and focus on what needs to be communicated. I ask that you check back to this weekly. If there is any extremely important information or school wide info, I will send this home in your child’s Friday folders.

Friday Folders
Friday folders will be sent home every Friday and will include student class work and any other important documents. Please empty these weekly and return them to the classroom on Monday!

It will be the child’s responsibility to bring a light snack each day to enjoy during afternoon recess. 

Birthdays will be celebrated on the last Friday of each month, as this is a school wide policy. On your child’s month, you will be sent a list of all the students who share the same birthday month. Please communicate as parents and plan a short game or craft and bring a small snack, enough for each student.

KINDER STAR of the week
Each week a student who has shown exceptional behavior and motivation in the classroom will be chosen for KINDER STAR of the week. If your child is chosen, I will send a certificate home in your child’s Friday folder celebrating the achievement. Along with this certificate, will be a list of questions that I would like your child to answer. I will use this list to decorate our classroom KINDER STAR of the week board. I would also like a few pictures of your child to hang on the board. Please complete the questionnaire over the weekend and send it and the pictures back to school on Monday. I feel like this will be a great way to get to know each student individually and celebrate them throughout the week.

Classroom Volunteers
As you probably know, a classroom cannot be successful without the help of YOU! Yes, I am asking (or begging) for your help. There is always a lot going on and I can’t always accomplish everything I hope to. There is constantly a need for any volunteer but here are a few that require a little more time and planning.
  • Art parent(s): Plan 1 monthly art lesson that will help the students become lovers of art.
  • Room parent(s): This parent(s) will need to plan all celebrations for the school year (i.e. Halloween party, Christmas party, Valentine’s party, etc.)
  • Birthday Parent: Coordinate birthday snacks/drinks with parents and plan a monthly birthday activity.
  • Weekly center volunteers: I am hoping to begin centers about a month after school starts and conduct them for an hour 4 times per week. If you would be willing to help with these, please let me know.
  • Sight Word Parent: Consistently come in once a week for 1-3 hours to assess and work with students on sight word lists.
  • Misc. Volunteers: If you have extra time and can come in to work one-on-one with students, help with paperwork/copies or anything else I need, it is much appreciated.
A volunteer training will be held at the school and once completed will last the entire school year. I will give more information about this when available.