Thursday, September 20, 2018

Weeks 1-3


About every other week I try to send an update of what is happening in the classroom. Here is what is going on now!

We are covering the basics, numbers 1-5 but your children are learning how to use and see those numbers in different ways. Having 1-1 correspondence (counting one object at a time while saying the number aloud) can be tricky for some kids. Also, most of them can recognize the numbers but have an extremely difficult time writing them. Any extra help with this at home is much appreciated. Also, ask your child to tell you what subitize means!!

We have decorated and started illustrating in our writer's notebooks. Everyday we have practiced how to be illustrators that tell a story, add detail and use color. I honestly have NEVER seen such amazing kindergarten illustrations this early in the year. I am excited to see what stories they come up with when we actually begin writing.

ELA (English Language Arts)
We are working a lot of our fine motor skills and how to grip a pencil. You will see worksheets that practice many different lines such as vertical, horizontal, diagonal, cup, hump, zig zag... ask you child to show you these and I bet they can even use the "fancy" word that goes along with the line. Learning how to be confidant in making these lines will help them greatly when we begin writing letters and words on Sept. 17!

This is one of my favorite times of the week and both of our PACT activities were well attended and filled with smiles, laughter and bonding. Thank you if you made it! This is something we do almost every Friday from 2:00-2:15, so if you can't make one, come to the next week. Here is what we are doing for the rest of Sept.
  • Sept. 14: Bring your favorite book(s) from home to read aloud to your child or borrow from the classroom!
  • Sept. 21: SUNSHINE Scavenger Hunt (weather dependent)
  • Sept 28: NO PACT (Sept. birthday celebration and Citizen of the Month Assembly)

Here is a schedule of our specials schedule. Please note that Library is on Tuesday and try to return books on Monday.
  • Mondays: Computers and PE
  • Tuesdays: Library, Science and Music
  • Wednesdays: Computers and PE
  • Thursdays: Science and Music
  • Fridays: 2nd Grade Reading Buddies, Wellness and 5th Grade STEAM Buddies

Please consider join my husband and I (as well as many other Rolling Hills families) for our Love and Logic training on Sept. 22. This is a great way to add to your tool belt when is comes to behaviors and children. Please contact Mrs. Friend if you are interested.

In your child's Friday Folder, you will find our first book order. Please look over this will your child and pick a few books to add to your at home library. I have included a letter with information on how to order. You can also complete the order form and return it and a check (made out to Scholastic) to me before the due date. Our due date is Sept. 21 by the end of the day.

Alright, that was long and I thank you for taking the time to read it. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!