Thursday, November 10, 2016

November Update!


What a great week we had last week. Thank you to everyone who showed up to Parent-Teacher Conferences. I truly LOVE talking with parents to get your perspective on how your child is doing or enjoying school. If you ever want to chat again, about anything, please let me know!

Next week, the library is holding it's fall book fair and Mrs. Cooper (our librarian) is in need of some parent volunteers. She is wonderful and tries to have the book fair open before school, at lunch and after school. However, she is just one person. If you can give her some of your time, we would really appreciate it! Please email her at 

Kindergarten is continuing to collect food for our FOOD DRIVE. So far, we have collected about 200 items of food. Our goal is 400. Keep sending anything your have sitting around in your cupboards or pantry! 

In Math, we will be jumping into position words, 2-D and 3-D SHAPES!  This is a favorite for the kids because they get to build and play with the shapes. Playing the "I Spy" game shapes version, is always a fun at home activity.

In English, we have almost covered ALL of the letter names and sounds. Remember, the goal is for each child to read 43 names and 30 sounds in 1 minute. We will not only continue to practice this fluency but will continue growing their reading skills. Part of this is learning their sight words and reading their "Book in a Bag" daily, no more than 15 minutes total. 

I am excited for everything for on this month and the beginning of December. Thank you so much for working hard with your child and supporting their education. We are successful because of YOU! Have a great November and let me know if you need anything from me! 

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