Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week 1

Kinder Families,

As we get ready to wrap up the second day of school, I want to tell you all how AWESOME your children are. It can be incredibly scary and challenging going to school for a full day. They are catching on quickly and loving it!

A few of the things we are focusing on this week, are classroom rules and why they are important. Examples are raising their hand (and waiting to be called on) to speak and walking silently in the hallway with our hands down. These are sometimes very unfamiliar to kinders, so any extra reminders at home is EXTREMELY appreciated.

They have also already been able to enjoy Spanish, Science, P.E. and Music. Wednesday they get computers and Friday they get keyboarding (yes, the instrument)!


Some of you will find orange (info sheet) and blue (volunteer) papers in your child's backpack. Please complete these and return them to me by Friday. I hope to have a volunteer schedule finalized by the 3rd week of school!

Thanks for everything!

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