Friday, April 15, 2016

Idaho Reading Indicator

Beginning next Monday, April 18, we will be conducting the Spring Idaho Reading Indicator (IRI) testing with our students in grade Kindergarten – 3rd grade.  Tentatively, we plan to test Kinder, 2nd & 3rd grades April 18-22 and 1st grade the following week  April 25-29.  Each student will be pulled from class for a short time and tested individually.  Most of the pullout times will be happen in the morning when the children are at their freshest.  Having your child at school all throughout the week, well rested, and having eaten good breakfast are critical to doing well on the test and having a successful testing process.  We appreciate your help!

Idaho Statute 33-1614 requires K-3 students in Idaho to be assessed as they develop critical reading skills. The purpose of the assessment, the Idaho Reading Indicator (IRI), is to indicate which children are most likely going to be at-risk of failure with skills that are prerequisite for being successful readers throughout life. As is written in the statute, the state K-3 assessment test results shall be reviewed by school personnel for the purpose of providing necessary interventions to sustain or improve the students' reading skills.

More information about the IRI can be found in the attached IRI Parent Brochure and on the State Department of Education website at:

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