Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 7-9: Oct. 12- Oct. 30


Oct. 12: Book in a Bag sent home
                This book is to be read until your child can read it fluently. Don't forget to have them "track" which means pointing to each word they read. Also try covering other words or the pictures to see if they can read the word. These books will start very easy. Please leave us notes so we can continue your child reading books that are not too easy or hard. Please return these books, for a new one, after your child has fluently read them.

Oct. 16: PACT (1:50-2:20) Topic: Asking the Right Questions

Oct. 19: Kindergarten Food Drive "Rolling Hills Helps Fight Hunger" Begins 
                - We will be in charge of collecting and sorting ALL food that the school brings to donate to The Idaho Foodbank. If your students come home asking for canned food, this is the reason!

Oct. 21: Harvest Party (12:30-1:15) Our room parents have many fun games and activities planned for this!

Oct. 22: Field Trip to Linder Farms (9:30-1:00) Please check your child's backpack for letter and permission slip. Permission slips are due back before Oct. 19.
               Citizen of the Month and Olweus Assembly (1:15-1:45)
               October birthday celebration (1:45-2:15)
               Title I Math Night (5:00-6:30)

Oct. 23 :No School!

Oct. 26-Oct. 28: Parent-Teacher Conferences (3:00-5:00) Please feel free to invite your child to join us for the conference. It is sometimes nice to have their input. Mrs. Friend has set up an online sign up. Please watch your email for this link.

Oct. 29: No School! Parent-Teacher Conferences Cont. (8-00-3:00)

Oct. 30: No School! Happy Halloween!

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