Saturday, August 22, 2015

First Day of School Important Info

  • ​Dress Code: Please see the handbook or website for proper dress code requirements. Bottoms should be solid navy blue or tan, NO JEANS. If girls wear leggings or tights, these should also be a solid color, NO PATTERNS. Shirts can be ANY COLOR, however, they should be solid and include a collar. Shoes should be comfortable and easy for your child to take on or off. Sandels should have a back. No heels. PLEASE WEAR TENNIS SHOES ON PE DAYS (TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, and THURSDAY)
  • NUT FREE CLASSROOM: We have 2 students this year with extreme nut allergies. You may send nuts (such as peanut butter) in your child's lunch, as we will not be in the classroom and different precautions are taken. FOR AFTERNOON SNACK, please do not send anything containing nuts. Thank you in advance!
  • Quiet Time: Each day, 20 minutes will be set aside, after lunch recess, for a quiet, rest time. During this time, students will either rest or read but the room will be silent. STUDENTS SHOULD BRING A SMALL BEACH TOWEL TO CLASS. We will keep these in the classroom in 2 gallon sized baggies. I will wash them on a regular basis. Students may also bring 1 small stuffed animal to sit with them. These stuffed animals will be kept in their backpacks the remainder of the day.
  • Before School and Arrival: School begins at 7:55, so please arrive prior to this time. Students/Parents are to walk outside, around the building. ​NO STUDENTS OR PARENTS ARE ALLOWED IN THE HALLWAYS BEFORE SCHOOL.I will have a tub for school supplies outside our back door. Look for a small orange cone with a "K" on it, this is where we will line up. After Mr. Pratt  blows the whistle, the entire student body recites the school motto and Pledge of Allegiance. At this time, we will head into the classroom. I ASK THAT NO PARENTS ENTER THE CLASSROOM AT THIS TIME. I know this can be difficult but trust me, it is so much better/easier for the kids. You are welcome to come into the class at the end of the day at 2:15!
  • ​After School Pick-Up: ALL students walk to the Optimist Football parking lot. Again, look for a cone with a "K" on it. This is our parking spot. The students will not be allowed to leave until they say goodbye to me or Mrs. Post and we see you. I make this a point when we practice and they are typically very good about following this direction. 

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